Professionally managed Event Management Company

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Smartphone Camera vs DSLR

Smartphone Camera vs DSLR, exactly what you believe who’ll win?

The smart devices progressed their camera a lot that people are now puzzled to pick between a smartphone or a specialist DSLR camera.

Top smartphone business like Apple, Google, Samsung, enhancing their smartphone cams day after day and also offering tough competitors to point and also shoot cams these days.

Can smartphone cameras replace DSLRs?

On the web, I discovered that numerous people are asking this inquiry. And also this is since they are perplexed.

Today smartphone firms have introduced dual camera system and promise that the camera can give you a better outcome for in low light photography.

So, I believed to compose a write-up about “Smartphone Camera vs DSLR” which will aid you to clarify which one is for you.

Factors to select a smartphone camera over DSLR
# 1 Portability
One of the very best aspects of having a smartphone camera is that you have a portable, less large camera constantly available in your pocket.

You can not take your professional huge bulky DSLR everywhere whenever you go out. Since bringing a large camera bag on your first date will look awkward.

Yet you need to be thanks to your smartphone due to the fact that nowadays you can capture your moments without bringing a big bag packed with gears.

# 2 Conveniently share images
One more advantage of using a smartphone camera is that you could conveniently edit and share your pictures on social media sites directly from your phone.

If your objective is to update your social networks account every minute with the photos you have actually clicked then utilizing a smartphone camera could conserve your time.

Yes, there are also DSLRs readily available with inbuilt wifi or Bluetooth to share pictures instantly. All DSLR’s do not have wifi or Bluetooth.

Needs to select a DSLR over smartphone camera
# 1 Huge sensing unit size
Yes, the best feature of having a DSLR is that you have a lot bigger camera sensor than the sensor size of your smartphone. And also sensing unit size has a direct effect on the image top quality.

Even the most affordable DSLR could supply a much better picture quality than a high-end smartphone. No matter how great quality camera smartphones establish, they can never defeat a DSLR in regards to sensor size.
Which suggests DSLR is constantly far better than a smartphone in terms of image quality.

# 2 Zooming
If you have a DSLR, you could catch images even if you are not near to your topic by utilizing a telephoto lens.

You could zoom into your topic and you’ll get an extremely clear and sharp photo. Yet if you are utilizing a smartphone you cannot take zoom shot.

Yes, there are telephoto lenses offered for smartphones likewise however from that, you’ll not obtain an excellent result as from the DSLR.

# 3 Interchangeable Lens
Unlike smart devices, DSLRs are interchangeable lens cameras. In a smartphone, you can not alter the lens since it’s inbuilt yet you can do this in a DSLR. There are various sorts of lens readily available in the market for various types of photography.

Wide angle lens, telephoto lens, prime lens, fish eye lens, these are few examples of kinds of lens for different photographic circumstances. You can make use of any lens in your DSLR inning accordance with your preference or demand.

Both smartphone video cameras and also DSLRs excel in their fields. But it’s wrong if we state that one can replace another. Both have their very own benefits and also downsides. If we compare the picture quality then DSLR’ll win the game. And also why not there is something good in the large bulky bag which a smartphone in your pocket can’t give you.

How to Celebrate this New Year 2018 in Dubai

Dubai`s New Year`s Eve is one of the most cherished events for people across UAE and around the world. New Year Celebrations in Dubai is considered the best in the world. Dubai is a popular destination for tourists especially for New Year Celebrations as the wondrous city offers endless options to welcome the New Year.

With another year coming to a close, spirits soar high. Dubai is an excellent place to be at New Year`s Eve. There are many beautiful places in Dubai where one can visit, stay, dine, drink, celebrate and party for the New Year 2018.

Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai
Hotels & Restaurants

Book your table at one of the city`s most sought after New Year parties annual extravaganza at Atlantis, the Palm. Enjoy uninterrupted views of Palm Jumeirah and the spectacular Dubai skyline feasting on lobsters and caviar.

Enjoy the best decadent dinners, blowout brunches at the famous restaurants in Dubai. Celebrate your New Year`s Eve at the world`s tallest restaurant, At.mosphere at Burj Khalifa. You can feast on their specially curated menu of stuffed lamb saddle, smoked salmon gratin dauphinos and seared seabass artichoke.

A very well known restaurant at Dubai Opera, Sean Connolly will be offering their New Year`s Day edition of garden brunch. On the New Year`s Eve, guests can enjoy fireworks display at Burj Khalifa from the rooftop terrace with exotic food. A menu featuring oysters, starters, main course and alcohol package inclusive of champagne to delight the guests.

Spectacular fireworks

Every year Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world leaves thousands breathless and mesmerized with its never seen before fireworks display. It is a popular place to watch beautiful laser show and fireworks event. It is also one of the most watched TV show events worldwide. However, this year the fireworks will be replaced with a unique light show

The second most iconic fireworks display is at Atlantis Dubai. The evening begins with canapés and welcome drinks in Asateer before the venue opens up along with a live band playing till 3 am after midnight.

Beach Party & Bar

Barasti Beach Bar is a popular beach side spot where you can enjoy the New Year. Guests can view spectacular fireworks and will be served a welcome drink. Food and beverages are available from 3000 DHS.

Located at Dubai Marina, Zero Gravity beach club attracts huge crowd with its biggest New Year celebrations. Nikki Beach, Azure Beach are places to relax on the New Year Day with good food and unlimited drinks.

Dhow Cruise

Ring in the New Year in style aboard the Rustar, world`s largest wooden dhow, a majestic 350 passenger vessel. Indulge in a luxury international buffet while sailing across the waters of Dubai Creek, enjoying live entertainment of DJ`s with magnificent views of Dubai`s skyline.

Enjoy Drinks

If you are planning to enjoy the New Year with free flowing drinks, then the best places to drink in Dubai are liquor shops like Le Clos and Al Hamra. These MMI outlets have a good selection of liquor with a facility to order liquors online too. After enjoying your favorite drinks, you can then head to a party at Lucky Voice at Grand Millenium Barsha Heights or Soho Garden or Inner City Zoo or White which have a DJ, lively music and good food to entertain.

Types of Photography in Demand

Be it adults or children, photography has become one of the most favourite activities of our spare hours. Agree or not, we all have either been through or still going through the phase of wanting to have the best and latest available camera in the market. Products that the digital industry offers today are too alluring to let go of hence, the obsession is not to be blamed.

The photography obsession however, can be life changing! Yes you heard it right. There are many photography courses in India like DSLR photography, which can turn your obsession into profession. Photography comes in many types, just find out your favourite and you are all set. Given below are some of the most popular types of photography-

Candid Photography- This is the most beloved category of photography among the others. In candid photography, the subjects are usually not supposed to be aware of being clicked, but most of the time, they are! However, the aim of a candid photographer is to capture moments or people without letting them know as they appear relaxed. Photography done at any party or celebration is the best example of candid photography.

Fashion Photography- As the name suggests, fashion photography is all about displaying style and fashion. A fashion photographer has to convince the viewers to buy or follow a particular clothing style or fashion item. Over the years, fashion photography has incorporated the use of outdoor locations according to the product to be promoted. Hence, if you are a fashion buff, this category is for you.

Food Photography- Food photography is usually done for restaurants, food bloggers or just a food enthusiast wanting to promote or suggest a particular eatery. The goal of any food photographer is to make a dish look tasteful enough to be drooled over by the viewer so that he cannot resist visiting the place offering it.

Wedding Photography- With the new trends like pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots coming into existence apart from engagement, wedding and reception photo shoots, wedding photography has become one of the most sought after and well paid photography today.

Wildlife Photography- If you have a love for nature and animals, this category is the right one for you. Wildlife photography captures the beauty of nature and the wildlife. There is although, an ugly side to it which cannot be ignored and that is the chances of getting injured by the animals or encountering even worse experiences like natural calamities. So, make sure you give it an ample contemplation before pursuing it.

So, these were some of the most popular and desired categories of photography that you may consider pursuing. There are many photography courses in India that even offer crash courses where they provide learning like DSLR photography, advanced compact photography and many more.

Hence, you can very easily and without much investing time turn your obsession into a profession. Take that camera out of closet and let it capture masterpieces.

A Passionate Affair VII

Paperweights have been collected since they were first made in the mid 19th century. But because they were made for only a limited period, most of the very early collections began after production ceased. Paperweights were certainly recognized then as being beautiful and tasteful. Perhaps the impetus for collecting them was realized only after collectors became aware that paperweights were a limited commodity. At the time, paperweights were still inexpensive. The first collectors were the nobility and royalty, including Queen Mary, Queen Victoria, Napoleon III’s Empress Eugénie, Princess Murat, the Duke of Cardoza, and Mexican Emperor Maximilian’s Empress Carlotta. Also included was literary dandy Oscar Wilde. These were very wealthy individuals who obviously could have collected anything they chose, so one may question why did they choose paperweights that were relatively inexpensive at the time. I think it must have been for their obvious attraction, beauty, and sentimentality of a well-designed item that was no longer being made.

Several notable paperweight collections were gathered from 1900 into the 1940s, on both sides of the Atlantic. The first significant collector of less than noble background who made an impact was an Englishman, H.W.L. Way, who began his collection in 1912 and wrote an article “Glass Paperweights” for The Connoisseur in 1920. Way’s article was credited with stimulating the interest in, and the beginning of, modern paperweight collecting.

One of the major early collectors in England was Mrs. Applewhaite-Abbott who collected from 1900-1938. She was a very wealthy lady who amassed a collection of 428 paperweights, but never paid more than £35 for any of her weights (a spectacular Pantin lizard). She also bought the famous and rare Pantin Silkworms for £26. After she died in 1938, her heirs tried to give the collection to the Victoria & Albert Museum, but they refused the donation, not recognizing its importance. Her weights were stored until they were auctioned by Sotheby’s in two sessions (1952 & 1953) for a total of $89,319. a very substantial sum at the time.

Mrs. Jenny H. Sinclair, of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire collected from about 1918 until her death in 1965, when her fine collection of 439 weights was donated to the New York Historical Society. This became one of the four greatest public collections in the world and was displayed there until 1995 when it was auctioned by Sotheby’s, bringing in over $1.5 million. It was the highest grossing sale at the time.

Djevahirdjian, known to his friends as “Mr. Djeva,” began his collecting in 1922 as a 13-year old youth in Paris. He became one of the most knowledgeable authorities and built a collection of several hundredweights, which included about 65 of the world’s most sought-after paperweights. His weights were sold and today collectors praise this rare provenance.
Another collector at about the same time was Estelle Doheny, wife of the wealthy founder and chairman of the Union Oil Company of California. She built an extensive collection of books, paintings, furniture, jewelry, paperweights etc., but after her husband died in 1935, she lost interest in acquisitions and began a philanthropic disposal of her collections. About 1940, she split her paperweight collection, giving 212 antique paperweights of her extensive collection to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles where they have displayed at the St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo California until they were auctioned by Christie’s in 1988. In the early 1940s, she gave her remaining 154 weights to the St. Mary of the Barrens Seminary in Perryville, Missouri, a small town about 90 miles south of St. Louis. They were displayed at the Seminary until they were auctioned by Christie’s in 2001.

React JS Course in Hyderabad

Key Features of React.js
Component-Based Architecture: React encourages the development of applications by breaking the UI into reusable components. Each component manages its own state and can be composed to build complex UIs.
Virtual DOM: React uses a virtual DOM to improve performance. When the state of an object changes, React updates the virtual DOM first, then it efficiently updates the real DOM to match the virtual one.
JSX Syntax: React uses JSX, a syntax extension that allows HTML-like code to be written within JavaScript. This makes the code easier to write and understand.
One-Way Data Binding: Data flows in a single direction, which makes the code more predictable and easier to debug.
Ecosystem and Community: React has a vast ecosystem with a strong community, which means there are plenty of resources, libraries, and tools available to aid development.
Benefits of Learning React.js
High Demand: React is widely used in the industry, making skills in this library highly sought after.
Efficiency: Building UIs with React can be faster and more efficient due to its component-based approach.
Career Growth: Expertise in React can open up numerous job opportunities, including roles like front-end developer, full-stack developer, and software engineer.
React JS Course in Hyderabad
Our React Js training in Hyderabad has a special curriculum designed by our React expert-certified instructors to be ideal for beginners as well as expert students.
It covers all the fundamental and cutting-edge concepts from beginner to intermediate levels.
React JS course in Hyderabad:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Courses usually cover the basics to advanced topics, including component architecture, state management, lifecycle methods, hooks, and routing.
Hands-On Training: Emphasis on practical training with projects and assignments to help you apply what you learn in real-world scenarios.
Experienced Instructors: Courses are often taught by industry professionals with substantial experience in React and front-end development.
Flexible Learning Options: Availability of both weekday and weekend classes, as well as online and offline formats to suit different schedules and preferences.
Certification: Many courses provide a certificate upon completion, which can be valuable for your resume.
Finding a React JS Course in Hyderabad
Here are some steps to find a good React JS course in Hyderabad:

Research Online: Look for reviews and ratings of courses offered by different institutes.
Course Content: Check the syllabus to ensure it covers the topics you want to learn.
Instructor Credentials: Look for courses taught by experienced professionals.
Flexibility: Choose a course that fits your schedule and preferred learning style.
Career Support: Some courses offer placement assistance and networking opportunities, which can be beneficial.

Bachelor of Fashion Technology: Paving the Path to a Stylish Future

In an era where fashion and technology intersect in innovative ways, a Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFT) degree stands out as a pivotal academic pursuit. This comprehensive program merges the creativity of fashion design with the technical aspects of production, preparing students for a dynamic and evolving industry. In this article, we delve deep into the intricacies of a Bachelor of Fashion Technology, exploring its curriculum, career opportunities, and the impact it has on the global fashion landscape.

Understanding the Bachelor of Fashion Technology
The Bachelor of Fashion Technology is a specialized undergraduate degree that equips students with a blend of creative, technical, and managerial skills. The curriculum is meticulously designed to cover various facets of the fashion industry, ensuring graduates are well-rounded professionals ready to tackle the challenges of the modern fashion world.

Practical Training and Internships
Hands-on experience is a critical component of the Bachelor of Fashion Technology program. Most universities incorporate practical training sessions and internships with leading fashion houses, manufacturers, and retailers. These opportunities provide students with real-world insights and industry connections, enhancing their employability upon graduation.

Career Opportunities with a Bachelor of Fashion Technology
Graduates of the Bachelor of Fashion Technology program have a wealth of career options available to them. The fusion of design, technology, and business skills opens doors to various roles within the fashion industry. Here are some prominent career paths:

Fashion Designer
As a fashion designer, graduates can create original clothing, accessories, and footwear. They work with a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, often specializing in specific types of apparel, such as sportswear, evening wear, or children’s clothing.

Textile Designer
Textile designers focus on creating patterns and prints for fabrics. They work closely with fashion designers to ensure that the textiles they create complement the overall design of a garment.

Apparel Production Manager
This role involves overseeing the manufacturing process of clothing. Production managers ensure that garments are produced efficiently, meet quality standards, and are delivered on time. They manage teams of workers and coordinate with suppliers and vendors.

Fashion Merchandiser
Fashion merchandisers play a key role in the retail side of the fashion industry. They analyze market trends, plan product ranges, and work on pricing strategies to maximize sales and profitability. They also work on visual merchandising to attract customers.

Fashion Marketing and PR Specialist
These professionals focus on promoting fashion brands and products. They develop marketing campaigns, manage public relations, and use social media and other platforms to engage with consumers and build brand loyalty.

Quality Control Manager
Quality control managers ensure that garments meet certain standards of quality. They inspect materials, oversee production processes, and conduct tests to ensure that the final products are durable and free of defects.

Fashion Buyer
Fashion buyers are responsible for selecting and purchasing the clothing and accessories sold in retail stores. They predict fashion trends, negotiate with suppliers, and make decisions that affect inventory and sales.

The Impact of Fashion Technology on the Industry
The integration of technology in fashion is revolutionizing the industry in numerous ways. The Bachelor of Fashion Technology program is at the forefront of this transformation, equipping students with the skills to drive innovation. Here’s how fashion technology is making a difference:

With growing awareness about environmental issues, the fashion industry is under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Fashion technology is paving the way for eco-friendly materials, efficient production methods, and waste reduction strategies. Graduates of BFT programs are well-equipped to contribute to this crucial shift towards sustainability.

Customization and Personalization
Advancements in technology are enabling more personalized fashion experiences. From custom-fitted garments to personalized shopping recommendations, technology is helping brands cater to individual preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Virtual Fashion Shows and Digital Marketing
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual fashion shows and digital marketing strategies. Fashion technology professionals are adept at using digital platforms to showcase collections, engage with audiences, and drive online sales.

3D Printing and Wearable Tech
Innovations like 3D printing and wearable technology are pushing the boundaries of fashion design. BFT graduates are trained to explore these cutting-edge technologies, creating futuristic garments and accessories that blend style with functionality.

The Bachelor of Fashion Technology is a gateway to a vibrant and ever-evolving industry. With a robust curriculum that combines creativity, technical expertise, and business acumen, this degree prepares students for a multitude of career opportunities. As technology continues to reshape the fashion landscape, BFT graduates are at the forefront, driving innovation and setting trends. For those passionate about fashion and eager to embrace the future, a Bachelor of Fashion Technology is the perfect choice.